Sunday, 29 April 2018

Monday April 30th - Friday May 4th

Math - We had interruptions last week with our Earth Week activities, so we will be finishing up Fractions and Decimals this week, and then focus on a short unit on Probability. The unit on Algebra, I will teach at a later date. 

 Our next unit of math will be a short unit on Probability.

full of rolling dice, flipping coins and spinning spinners!

Language - We will be continuing our Read Aloud this week. We will also be continuing with our Book Clubs. It is very important that students put emphasis on producing quality work in their book club jobs, and not rush to get the work completed. 

All week, students will be asked to bring a toonie or a loonie each day, to help support the Grade 6 Entrepreneurial Project "Jumpstart." Monday is Crazy Hat Day, Tuesday is Crazy Hair Day, Wednesday is Dress Like an Athlete Day, Thursday is Sports Movie Block, and Friday is Outdoor Gameday!    

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