Sunday, 4 March 2018

March 5th - March 9th

Thank you for all your support with our Lenten Project, "Change for Change." Friday is pyjama day! This is our last week of school before the March Break. 

Math - We will finish up this week with perimeter and area, and have a short quiz on Friday. I will review with students what will be on the quiz. After the March Break, the next math strand will be Number Sense and Numeration. This is a big math unit. We will be covering division (long and short), double-digit multiplication, fractions, and decimals. Students will need to be comfortable with their multiplication tables. 

Language - "Hiding Edith", and Genius Hour will be the focus for students this week. I will be giving students reading comprehension questions to go along with our read aloud. The writing journal with story starters and a rubric will also be going home on Monday. Please have students return by Friday. I have explained to students what the expectation is regarding the writing journal. After the March Break, we will be starting Book Clubs. More about this to follow.

Have a wonderful March Break!

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