Sunday, 25 February 2018

Monday February 26th - Friday March 2

Math - Students will continue to be learning about Perimeter and Area: estimate and measure the perimeter and area of regular and irregular polygons, using a variety of tools. 

– select and justify the most appropriate standard unit (i.e., millimetre, centimetre, decimetre, metre, kilometre) to measure length, height, width, and distance, and to measure the perimeter of various polygons.

  Solve problems requiring conversion from metres to centimetres and from kilometres to metres.

Determine, through investigation using a variety of tools (e.g., concrete materials, dynamic geometry software, grid paper) and strategies (e.g., building arrays), the relationships between the length and width of a rectangle and its area and perimeter, and generalize to develop the formulas [i.e., Area = length x width; Perimeter = (2 x length) + (2 x width)]

Language - Students are continuing with their Genius Hour Project. Students are allowed to work on this at home. The project will be completed as a Google Slide Presentation using pictures to go along with their presentation. I will also be sending home this week, a writing assignment that is to be completed at home on a weekly basis. This will be a writing response book, with writing prompts and a rubric included. Students need to practice this skill to become more confident in their spelling and grammar. Writing Prompts

I wish my teachers knew that . . .
What’s the most beautiful person, place, or thing you’ve ever seen? Share what makes that person, place, or thing so special.
Which is better, giant muscles or incredible speed? Why?
What is your most difficult subject in school? Why is it difficult? What can you do to get better at that subject? These are just a few examples.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
  • I need to use full sentences
  • I need to answer the question
  • I had 5 or more spelling errors
  • I had 5 or more grammatical errors
  • I need to use punctuation marks
  • I need to use correct capitalization
  • I need to start at the margin
  • I need to write on the lines
  • I need to write neatly
  • I need to underline my titles
  • I need to stay on topic
  • I sometimes used full sentences
  • I answered part of the question
  • I had 3-4 spelling errors
  • I had 3-4 grammatical errors
  • I forgot some punctuation marks
  • I sometimes used capitals properly
  • I sometimes started at the margin
  • I wrote fairly neatly
  • I sometimes underlined my titles
  • I sometimes stayed on topic
  • I used full sentences
  • I answered the question
  • I had 1-2 spelling errors
  • I had 1-2 grammatical errors
  • I didn’t forget my punctuation (1-2 errors)
  • I used proper capitalization
  • I start writing at the margin
  • I wrote neatly
  • I underlined my titles
  • I stayed on topic
  • I used full sentences with lots of details
  • I answered the question and made a connection to the book
  • I had no spelling errors
  • I had no grammatical errors
  • I used all my punctuation properly
  • I used all proper capitalization
  • I always start at the margin
  • I wrote very neatly
  • I underlined all my titles with a ruler
  • I always stayed on topic



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