Monday, 29 January 2018

January 29 - February 2

Math-We are continuing with our Data Management unit. Students created their own survey question and will be taking this information and creating a bar graph. They will also be responsible for finding the Mean, Mode, Median, and Range of the data. 

Language - We are continuing our Read Aloud "Beautiful Warrior." Students have started our Media assignment. "How to be a Genie." This information will be made into a brochure. Below is the outline that students will be following.

Page 1 - How to Be a or Turning into a…Have you been feeling different lately...

Page 2 - Questions you would ask yourself if you were turning into a..

Page 3 - All About the ____ world

Page 4 - What are your ____ ____ powers?

Page 5 You and your ______parents

Page 6 Bonus fun fact/facts information page

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