Sunday, 21 January 2018

January 22nd - January 26

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This is what is happening this week at school! Students have probably already told you about our school's Mental Health Initiative. We will be taking time at the beginning of each block to participate in a calming activity for a few minutes. I brainstormed with students what it means to be calm, and why we should be calm before each learning block. Students came up with wonderful ideas such as reading, writing, sketching, listening to relaxing music, crossword puzzles, and colouring. We want students to feel less stress at school so more learning can happen. Students will have a PD day on Friday, January 26th. 

Math-We are continuing our Data Management unit. Students have been learning about Mean, Mode, Median, and Range. We will also be working with various graphs.

Language - We will be starting a new Read Aloud called Beautiful Warrior. It is about the retelling of the legend of kung fu, Chinese history, culture, and martial arts. This involves looking at the literary strategy of Self-Monitoring. This involves the reader being active and aware as they read and setting a purpose for reading, which may involve simply thinking about why they are reading a particular text. 

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