Sunday, 3 December 2017

December 4th - December 10th.

Sunday celebrates the beginning of the Advent season. The Advent period is a time of preparation and anticipation for the birth of Jesus. It is a time for waiting. Our first Advent Liturgy will be on Monday afternoon in the Learning Commons. Reconciliation will be taking place on Friday morning. Information will be sent home concerning our Christmas Cafe. The tentative date will be December 20th in the morning, in the Learning Commons.

Math - This week we will be learning about the properties of triangles. We will be doing a fun activity on Monday using straws and pipe cleaners. I have shared a video link from Math Antics. Students will have a math quiz on Geometry in a couple of weeks. More information to follow. Students will also be participating in The Hour of Code this week.

Language - This week we will be continuing to work on our Christmas Fractured Fairy Tales with Mr. Kline's Grade 2 class. Partner Biographies are almost completed and we will share our Biographies in a Carousel style of presentations. Carousel Brainstorming is a cooperative learning activity that allows information to be learned and reviewed through movement, conversation, and reflection.

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