Sunday, 22 October 2017

October 23rd - October 27th

Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful, warm weekend!! We had a great Fall Faith Day on Friday. Students had a really wonderful experience. There were many interesting and faith-filled activities. 

Math - We will be starting a unit on Patterning (repeating, growing, and shrinking patterns). I will be introducing this unit to students on Monday. I am encouraging students to continue to practice their multiplication facts on a regular basis. Flip cards are a great way to practice multiplication. 

Language - We are continuing to present our All About Me Google Slide Presentations. There were a lot of interruptions last week and we still have a number of students who still have to present. We are still reading our read aloud, will complete a CASI reading test this week, and will work on grammar activities. I have attached a short, funny videos for students to watch.

Thank you for continuing to read my weekly updates!

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