Sunday, 15 October 2017

October 16th - October 20th

Thank you for continuing to check in with my weekly updates on my Blog. I continue to take pictures of students and the various activities that are happening in the classroom. 

Math - We just completed our first math unit on Friday with a test. Some students did not have enough time to finish on Friday so they will have time to finish their test on Monday. We will be spending a little time on Rounding Numbers, and then move into our second math strand which will be Patterning. Students should start to practice their multiplication facts up to their 11 times tables. I will be continuing to send home weekly math practice in their math notebook. The following video is a great introduction to the concept of Rounding.

Language - Students were expected to finish up their All About Me Family Biography so we can start presenting in class this week. I will be starting some grammar activities which will help students with their writing. We are continuing with our read aloud "Rapunzel the One with All the Hair." Students will also be writing a CASI reading test this week. It is a non-fiction story about the horses on Sable Island. We have already listened to the story together and discussed the content of the story. 

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