Sunday, 30 April 2017

May 1st- May 5th

Education Week starts on Monday. Please have a look at my calendar to see when and where certain events are happening in school this week. There will be an Education Week/Easter Mass happening on Monday morning. Come out on Saturday morning to support Mrs Dawson's Grade 6 class and their Spring Market. They are raising money for the Children's Wish Foundation.

Math - Students had a great afternoon on Friday participating in our Water Bottle Toss STEM Challenge...almost too much fun!! They strategized, communicated, and collaborated with their group members. There was lots of wonderful math (fractions, percents, arrays, graphing, predicting and using mean and mode). This week we will be finishing up Probability and looking at Geometry and Spatial Sense as our next unit. 

Language - We are continuing with our Guided Reading Book Clubs and our read aloud. Once this unit is complete we will be looking at a sequencing unit. This unit teaches students about organizing information in a time order. Making a story plotline to indicate the sequence of key events. Students will have to listen closely to the order of important events that happen in the read aloud. 

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