Saturday, 8 April 2017

April 10th - April 13th

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week. Holy Week is a very sacred time of the year. We will remember the last week of Jesus's life on earth. The Lenten season of sacrifice and self-denial is about to come to an end, but this coming week is extremely important for all Christians. The greatest focus of the week is the Passion (suffering) and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that led up to it. There will be a performance of the Passion Play on Thursday. Please check the calendar.

Math - We have completed our unit on division and multiplication. We will have a unit test on Tuesday. We spent time on Thursday reviewing multiplication and division. Students have begun a short unit on fractions. This will also include a focus on decimals. By the end of this unit, students will need to know the following expectations: 

-round decimals to the nearest tenth
-compare and order fractional amounts with like denominators
-demonstrate and explain equivalent fractions using concrete materials
-count forward by hundredths
-determine and explain the relationship between fractions and their equivalent decimals

represent, compare and order decimal numbers to hundredths

Language - This week we will be working on some shared reading activities to complete our read aloud unit. We will also be continuing looking at #5cluechallenge. We will also be taking some time to reflect on Holy Week.

Catholic Education Week will be coming up soon. There will be a calendar of events to be shared with you soon.

Have a beautiful Easter with your friends and family.

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