Sunday, 19 February 2017

February 21st - 24th

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long weekend and spent quality time with your family on Family Day! 

Math - We had a great afternoon on Friday working with Mrs. Maw's  Grade 1/2 class. It was wonderful to see students interacting with each other and talking about math. We will be continuing with our wonderful math warm -  ups. Through the various warm - ups, students are very involved in lots of wonderful math sharing of their ideas. I am so pleased! We will begin daily multiplication drills, where the students will compete against themselves to see if they can answer more questions each day. We will start with the two times tables (doubles) and will work our way up slowly. We will also be answering a short EQAO type practice question daily to give them more practice in answering thinking and application type questions. Students should continue to practice their multiplication tables regularly. I will also be showing students a few videos on multiplication strategies. I have told students to go on my blog and from there go on to Twitter and I have several fun math questions that students could be working on at home.

Language - We finished presenting our "How to be a..." on Friday. We will be continuing to read "Hiding Edith." I will be starting Genius Hour with students this week. I have already shown them a video to introduce them to what Genius Hour is all about. I am really excited to hear what your child is passionate about and how they will present this in a google slide presentation. Something else I am excited to show students is called The 5 Clue Challenge #5cluechallenge. These videos are organized by topic such as places, animals, people, and students watch the videos and listen for clues to the mystery location, animal, or person. The videos are paused after each clue and students guess and do the research on the Chromebook to solve the mystery!. More information about this will be shared by your child next week. Nightly reading is still encouraged, especially using Raz-Kids.

Parent Teacher Interviews - Thursday, February 23rd from 4-8. If I have not requested an interview with you, please let me know if you would like to meet with me. It can be in person (", or a telephone interview. If you simply want to know how your child is progressing, I can send you a quick email. You can also let me know through your child's agenda. 

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