Sunday, 22 January 2017

January 23rd- 27th

We had another great week of learning in Grade 5!

Math - We continue to start our math block with wonderful warm-ups that I am sure your child has shared with you. We had another awesome hour of code on Friday with Mrs. Maw's Grade 1/2 class. Grade 5 students are wonderful teachers! We have started a new unit on Measurement. We spent time measuring objects in the classroom using mm, cm, dm, and m. This led to a lesson on converting units of measure. Students learned how to convert meters into centimeters and centimeters into meters. We did this with all the measurement units. You can review this concept with your child if you go on my Twitter page and click on the link. It is called the Magnetic Metric Staircase. This week we will be looking at perimeter and area as this will lead up to our Tiny House Project. This is a Project-based Learning activity involving the design and construction of paper Tiny House models. The purpose of this activity is to have them calculate the area and perimeter of each item in their house, as well as the house itself and all of its features. I will post some pictures of the design process and of course the final products! 

Language - A reminder for students to be logging into Raz-Kids at home, and spending 20-30 minutes reading and completing the quiz that goes along with the leveled book they are reading. In class, we have spent some time this week on Raz-Kids and Grammar Blaster and we will continue to focus on these programs next week. We will continue our "How to be a Genie" activity. Students are coming up with some really creative ideas!! Next week we will also be completing a CASI reading test. There is no need to study for this test. It simply gauges the student's ability to read and understand grade level material, summarize it, give the main idea, and apply some of the knowledge of text features, character traits, or author's purpose to answer questions. 

A reminder that Monday, January 30th will be a PD day for students! If you need to reach me, please do not hesitate to write a note in the agenda or give me a call at school. Have a great week!

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