Sunday, 15 January 2017

January 16-20

On Monday, students will have a quiz on our Data Management Unit, specific knowledge about line graphs, including range, median, mode, and mean. We have one more math strand to complete before report cards and that is Measurement. We will start by reviewing how to estimate and accurately measure linear lengths in mm, cm, and m using rulers and other standard tools. We will then move onto perimeter and area of various polygons (including irregular polygons. Finally, we will then apply and demonstrate our knowledge in a project based learning assignment. Students will be building a tiny house in 3D, according to set criteria. I am really looking forward to seeing their creativity!

As a follow up to our read aloud that we completed before Christmas, students have been learning about 'How to be a Genie.' It is a humourous shared reading  that has students question whether or not they could be genies. Students will then create their own Beginners Guide on 'How to be.....' (a superhero, an acrobat, a wizard, a fairy, etc). I look forward to reading their creative guides. We will also be continuing with grammar and spelling activities to hopefully improve the structure and conventions of their writing. Every student in the class has been assigned an account on Raz-Kids. Please encourage your child to spend some time reading books that have been chosen for them, and taking a short quiz to complete for understanding and comprehension. I am able to keep track of their reading and their strengths and next steps.

We had a wonderful visit from Mrs. QB from Brother Andre who spent time with students on Friday. Students worked on a PGL on the Road Stem Challenge while using Global Competencies (such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, citizenship, and culture) Students had to work together as a team to build a structure that would transport supplies from land to an island without having materials fall into the water that was contaminated with parasites. I was very impressed! 

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