Sunday, 18 December 2016

December 19th - 23rd Class Updates

It is hard to believe it is the last week of school! School starts up again Monday, January 9th. Thank you for your generous donations to our Angel Tree fund. These donations will help many deserving families.

Math - We are continuing with our Data Management unit. We will be creating a couple of double line graphs using data we gathered from weighing their school bags and comparing this data from another Grade 5 class at St. Clare Catholic School. We will be calculating the Mean, Mode, Median and Range of both sets of data. it will be interesting to see what conclusions they draw from both schools. 

Language Arts - We are finishing our read aloud and fractured fairy tales. We are preparing for our Christmas Cafe on Thursday. Students are preparing skits and are invited to showcase their talents such as singing, dancing, poetry reading and so on. Invitations for our Christmas Cafe will be going home this week. Please keep Thursday afternoon open if possible. Students have been working and preparing for our afternoon. 

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I look forward to seeing students on Monday, January 9th. A reminder that it is a school- wide pyjama day on Friday, and we have a Christmas Mass with Father Shroff on Tuesday morning.

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