Sunday, 27 November 2016

November 28 - December 2 Class Updates

Sunday marks the first day of Advent. A time to pause, reflect and prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Monday afternoon, students will be participating in our first Advent Liturgy. 

Math - Students have been learning about angles and triangles and how to construct triangles using a protractor. They have been using white boards and geometry software on the Chromebooks. We will be finishing up our unit on Geometry soon and will begin a new math unit on Data Management. Students will be learning about collecting data and using this data to construct various types of graphs. This is a fun unit that students enjoy.

Language - We are continuing lessons on spelling and grammar. We are finally starting our read aloud Beautiful Warrior. Students have been watching examples of Fractured Fairy Tales and will begin writing their own this week. In Media, we will be creating Christmas Jingles to be used to advertise a Christmas Product in December. Students should continue to read for 30 minutes on a nightly basis. 

Continue to check the calendar for updates. Thank you for continuing to read my blog and continue to follow me on Twitter to see what is happening in the classroom! 

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