Sunday, 20 November 2016

November 21-25 Class Updates

Monday is the beginning of our Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week. Students are encouraged to wear Purple! We will be spending time throughout the week on various activities to go with Bullying Prevention and Awareness. 

Language - Students have completed presenting their partner biographies. We will next be writing Fractured Fairy Tales. It is a fairy or other folk tale that has been modified in such a way a with an unexpected characterization, plot development or contrary point of view. We will also begin a unit on Self-Monitoring. This unit teaches students to select and use strategies to improve comprehension. Making sure what is being read makes sense. Good readers focus on meaning but can also use language structure or visual information as cues to help them problem solve texts. Strategies such as: reread, predict, skip, read on and go back, use background knowledge, and stop and make a picture in your mind. The read aloud is Beautiful Warrior. The students usually really enjoy the story! The follow-up(after the shared and guided reading components) will be a guide on How to be a Genie, which offers the students an excellent opportunity to express their creativity! We have also been looking at fun grammar and spelling activities that will continue next week. 

Math - In Geometry we have been learning about properties of triangles. Lots of wonderful math inquiry! Students will be working this week using protractors to measure angles (obtuse, right, acute). Lot's of practice will be needed and is important. Students are still encouraged to practice their multiplication on a nightly basis. If single digit multiplication is too easy, work on two digit by two digit multiplication. Our next math unit will be Data Management. This is usually a fun unit for students. 

Keep checking my blog. I take lots of pictures about what is happening in our classroom on almost a daily basis! 


Wear Purple tomorrow

Father Shroff will be visiting students on Thursday afternoon.

The snow is here! An extra pair of mittens and socks to place in  your child's backpack  might be a good idea!

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