Sunday, 16 October 2016

I am sure students shared our math task with you ! We are wrapping up our addition and subtraction of decimals review. Students prepared items to "sell" in their pretend stores. They used "debit" cards with which to purchase items from each other's stores. They had to keep track of their sales on a sales tally sheet (addition of decimals) and keep track of their spending by subtracting their purchases from the $25 on their "debit" card. We will collaborate on Monday and give any last minute shoppers, a chance to finish shopping! Students were very engaged in this activity. 

Our first math test was completed last week and it was very well done! Please return the signed math tests, so that I know you are aware of your child's strengths and needs in the last unit. I will be talking to students about practicing their multiplication tables on a nightly basis. 

Our class participated in our first Mystery Number Google Hangout with Mrs. Martinuzzi's class at St. Clare. They really enjoyed guessing the number the other class had chosen. They also enjoyed seeing the other students on the Smartboard!

In Language Arts, we are still reading the final chapters of Rapunzel  while beginning work on their partner biographies. The rubric for the biography will eventually be in their language Hapara folder in their Google Drive. 

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call the school. Keep checking my blog for pictures on Twitter that lets you know what is happening in the classroom. 

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