Saturday, 1 October 2016

Another Great Week!

Students have been busy this week finishing up and presenting their "All About Me" google slide presentations. We have many talented students in our Grade 5 class!

Math I have set up the class on Prodigy, and they can log in at their login and password to practice their math facts and strategies at any time at home as well. Prodigy is a very engaging game for the students. They are reminded not to use calculators, as the questions only get harder!

You can see what your child is working on at any time by logging into their Hapara work folders on their Google Drive and looking at their work. You can do this by logging into gmail using, going to Drive, and opening Language or Math. Your child can show you what they have been doing. 

Language We are still reading the Fractured Fairy Tale Rapunzel. They are adding new ideas that they have learned about the story and characters to their chart in their Language Hapara folders after each day's reading. In math, we have completed our place value work and addition, and are moving on to subtraction strategies with and without regrouping  to the 100 000 place. I will let you know ahead of time when our first math test will be. 

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