Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Our week in the classroom

In our Math Class, students have been working on activities including building structures out of base ten blocks. Today we used the numbers in our Birthday to read, order and record numbers up to the 100 000 place in standard, expanded, base ten and word form. We will continue to  work on Place Value, this concept is part of our Number Sense and Numeration Strand.  In our Language Class, students have begun working on a Google Slide Presentation "All About Me." Students will be presenting their slide presentations, starting next Wednesday, September 28th. I have also asked if they could bring in three special items that are important to them to go along with their Google Slide Presentation. They will be expected to speak to the class about why these items are special to them. 


Students need an indoor pair of running shoes.
Terry Fox Run/Walk on Monday
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